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Cost: $250.00

January 16th  7:00PM-General Information Meeting & Sign-Up

March 28th 6:30PM- Chaperone Information Meeting - BV Cafeteria

If you are interested in being a Chaperone we ask that you come to this meeting. Find out all the details.  Please COMPLETE THESE FORMS and bring them to the meeting.


April 23rd 6:00PM-MANDATORY Senior/Parent Meeting @ 6:00PM - BV Cafeteria

Thank you for your interest in chaperoning at Bella Vista’s Grad Nite Event. Disney has been offering this program for over 50 years, and we have been very fortunate to have a committed and generous community that can give of their time and resources so our kids can participate.


Following is a list of general responsibilities of the chaperones.

  • Chaperones check all students on/off the buses upon departure, at rest stops, upon arrival at and departure from Disneyland and at all rest stops on the return trip

  • Be a point of contact for your bus group while in the Disney Resort

  • Coordinate group meet ups, assist with any emergency, or medical issues

  • Sit with any student in Disney Jail if they are involved in an incident 

  • Ensure that your group of students is checked in to Grad Nite Party prior to 11PM. 

  • You are ON CALL for the duration of the trip. You must provide your number to your bus group

  • Your cell phone must remain charged, turned on and be answered at any time. You must provide your number to your bus group

  • Willing to uphold the Rules and Policies of Disneyland Resort and Grad Nite

Additional Meetings:

  • Assist during the Mandatory Senior/Parent meeting. Work registration tables, and bus sign up tables.

  • Attend Chaperone/Volunteer training meeting prior to our departure date in Spring.

  • Assist with check in and boarding of Seniors on the evening of departure.

Please be advised that this is a long and strenuous trip.  You will need to find ways to rest and recharge while upholding your responsibilities to the students. 


1 week prior to trip - Volunteer Meeting for ALL Volunteers helping with Grad Nite  - BV Quad in front of Large Gym

 Training for all volunteers/Chaperones that will help the night of check in and upon return home.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Grad Nite. It takes a lot of parent support to make this trip happen. We've already started planning and there will be opportunities throughout the year to lend your support.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Assist with fundraising activities

    • Craft Fair booth in October

    • Mock SAT/ACT in October​

    • Tamale Distribution in November

  • Assist at Information Meetings

    • Registration​

    • Hand out/collect forms

    • T-shirt distribution

  • Event Planning

    • Food planning​

    • Check in assistance

    • Medical Check

  • Other opportunities TBD.

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