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Trip Details: 

Evening of departure: - Check in begins at 10:00PM @ BV: All seniors must be checked in by 11:00PM. Buses will depart by 12:30AM. We will travel through the night with two rest stops.

 Day in the Parks - Arrive at Disneyland by 9AM: All day/night in Disneyland and CA Adventure Parks.  Private Grad Nite Party at CA Adventure. Full access to all rides/attractions during Grad Nite Party, plus live music, and dancing!

Day of Travel - Return:  We will board buses at conclusion of Grad Nite Party (1am) and make our journey back to BV. ETA 9AM – Noon.

BV Grad Nite Rules

*All participants MUST BE graduating BV Seniors

*Seniors on social probation will be prohibited from attending Grad Nite.

*If you are prohibited from participating in the Graduation Ceremony, you may also be prohibited from attending Grad Nite.

*This is a Safe and Sober event.  Any participant found to be under the influence or in possesion of any alcohol or controlled substance will be sent home immediately. No refunds will be given.

What to bring:

A Large/Gallon size zip lock bag containing the following:

  • Your Student ID (or Drivers License)

  • Money for food and souvenirs while in the Parks

  • Phone, ear buds, charging cable and battery pack

  • Toothbrush, tooth paste, deodorant, other personal items/toiletries, chapstick       

  • Empty water bottle for refilling in the parks

  • Grad Nite T-Shirt and a Sweatshirt, consider bringing a hat if you are sun sensitive. 

  • Small pillow and blanket for comfort on the bus

Every participating Senior was given a Grad Nite drawstring bag at check in to carry your belongings in.  DO NOT BRING A BACKPACK.

DO NOT BRING anything expressly stated in the documents below OR any of the following:
Any outside food or drinks
Gum, candy, breath mints, etc.
Any over the counter medication (Advil, Tylenol, etc.). We will have this on each bus.
Glass bottles of any kind (perfume, cologne, water, etc.)

Spray/aerosol bottles (perfume, body spray, sunscreen, etc)



Disneyland Rules

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